Get Sh*t Done - Metrics Made Easy for Today's Busy Marketer

Finally - marketing metrics that help you get it done!

October 25th, 10am PDT | 1pm EDT

Marketers today have more data to deal with than ever before. In fact, 48 percent, see data management as their most significant challenge, according to Econsultancy - a trend sure to continue as marketing technologies become more prevalent. So, what should marketers do when it comes to deciphering all this data? How can they show how their programs drive pipeline and revenue?  

We’re here to help!

Join our data management and reporting experts as they offer a 30-minute crash course on metrics - with tips and tactics you can implement today, including: 

  1. Methodology: How to define KPI's that align with marketing goals 
  2. Secret Sauce: How Act-On measures marketing metrics 
  3. Infrastructure: Take your first steps towards actionable data
  4. New Product! Learn about Engagement Insights - Data-Driven Marketing Made Easy

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Melissa Barker
Sr Marketing Operations Manager of Act-On Software  

Melissa Barker Headshot

Karra Hendrix
Product Marketing Manager of Act-On Software

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